The Macktown Warriors youth football organization was established on the principles of safety, sportsmanship, and character building.

It is our goal to develop kids into hardworking, respectful young athletes, and ultimately prepare them for competition at the high school level. We pride ourselves on the concepts of “Team” and “Family.” Our players first become teammates who are unified by the game, and then by their commitment to one another.

Macktown Warriors understand what it takes to become champions. They learn to be their best in the face of adversity and be humble in victory. Instruction at the lower levels centers on fundamentals of football and gradually focuses more on competitive skills at the upper levels. Playing time is a focus at every level.

Providing a safe environment is our highest priority. Organization coordinators oversee the coaching staff to ensure that our kids are not only taught to play the game in the safest manner possible, but that everyone is treated fairly and with respect. Go Warriors!

Macktown Warriors are a registered 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization. Check out the video below to see more about our organization.


Q: What leagues are we afilliated with?

A: 3rd and 4th grades are part of the Milton Youth Football. 5th – 8th are part of the Big14 conference.

Q: Where are practices?

A: Rockton Sports Complex at 12678 Old River Rd. Rockton, IL 61072.

Q: How many days do we practice?

A: 5th-8th grade teams practice (5) days a week until school starts, then we practice (4) days (Monday-Thursday). Lil’ Warriors (3rd and 4th grade) practice (4) days a week (Monday-Thursday) until 9/3 when they will go to (2) practices a week (Tuesday/Thursday).

Q: What equipment does the team provide?

A: We provide: helmet, shoulder pads, thigh, knee, and butt pads, practice uniform & pants with belt along with a girdle.

Q: What equipment do parents need to provide?

A: Parents are responsible for providing their child’s: cleats, cup, mouth piece, and water bottle. NOTE: Macktown does have a supply of gently used football cleats if needed.

Q: What grades receive a free jersey?

A: 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades.

Q: Where do 3rd/4th graders play?

A: They will play in Milton at 301 West High Street, Milton, Wis. 53563

Q: Where do 5th-8th graders play?

A: Home games are played at Rockton Athletic Fields, and away games are at their opponent’s field. See our Field Locations page for addresses.

Q: Is there a fundraising raffle?

A: Yes. We ask that all parents participate to help fund the organization.

Q: Are you a not for profit entity?

A: Yes, Macktown Warriors Football is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Q: How do I volunteer?

A: When you register you will be asked to volunteer. If you wish to opt out, you will be asked to pay $50.

Q: I have a specific question. Who can I call?

A: You can call any of these numbers:
* Stacie Taylor – (815)757-2207‬

Q: How do we donate to the Macktown Warriors?

A: You can call any of these numbers:
* Stacie Taylor – (815) 757-2207‬